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Premium Saver Deposit

  • With an attractive interest income and bonus at maturity, earn a total return of up to 1.40% at the end of 18 months (T&Cs apply).
  • Build up your savings through regular monthly deposits over a period of 18 months.
  • Choose your monthly deposit amounts starting from AED 5,000 per month.
  • Interest accrued on monthly basis and paid upon maturity.
  • Available in AED (dirhams) only.

View Premium Saver Deposit Terms and Conditions

What happens ifOutcome
I have contributed all monthly
deposits every month on time in 36 months.
You will get guaranteed interest at 1% per year on your monthly deposits. In addition, you will get a bonus at maturity equal to your one pre-fixed monthly deposit amount.
I have missed some of my monthly deposit 
contributions but kept the funds in the account for 36 months.
You will get the interest for the month during which the monthly pre-fixed amounts were successfully credited. Unfortunately, you will not be entitled to a bonus.
I decided to withdraw my deposits, 
partially or fully, before the term of 36 months.
In case of pre-matured partial or full withdrawals, you will not be entitled for an interest or bonus.  

  • National ID or valid passport, residence visa and Emirates ID.
  • Completed deposit application form.

  • If you are UAE National or UAE resident and minimum 18 years of age

Services that come with Premium Saver Deposit  

  • Choose a way of banking that suits you, from CBD Online and Mobile Banking, CBD Facebook Branch to CBD SMS Banking. Of course, you are always welcome to visit us in one of our branches.
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  • Budget and Track tool, a unique personal financial management tool that will help you track your expenses, set your budgets, save money for your life goals, and much more.
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Please find attached table.


Premium Saver



Minimum Monthly Amount (AED)



18 Months

Return at maturity /End of the Tenure*


Annualized Yield (if tenure completed)*


Monthly contribution funding

Standing Order set-up on Savings Account**

All parameters

As per existing products

Detailed interest rate

Please refer appendix.


*Annualized interest is a backward computation of return at maturity over the product tenor. Total returns shown above are including monthly interest and bonus interest as applicable. Bonus interest paid at the maturity, subject to receiving regular monthly deposits.

** Standing Orders set for funding Recurring Deposits are free of charge

Please contact CBD customer service at 600 575 556 to assist you with your query.

Sorry, partial withdrawals are not permitted. 

You will be required to set up standing order at the time of applying for Premium Saver account.

Bonus amount is accrued every six months; the bonus amount is equal to the total accrued interest during the last six months. The payment of bonus at maturity will be subject to successfully receiving pre-fixed monthly amounts through the linked Standing Order instruction across all 18 months. No bonus will be paid if on any month pre-fixed amount fails to get credited to Premium Saver deposit account or if the deposit is liquidated prior maturity.

Monthly pre-fixed amounts are transferred to the Premium Saver deposit account through a linked Standing Order instruction, which will be set-up on your current/savings account at the time of applying for Premium Saver deposit account. 
Please note that if the linked standing order fails to credit monthly pre-fixed amounts to deposit account, re-execution of such failed standing order is not permitted. Hence it is extremely important to ensure that you maintain sufficient balance in your current/savings account where standing order is set-up.

If you are UAE National or UAE resident, at least 18 years of age, with a valid passport, residence visa and Emirates ID, then you can apply. 

Sorry, topping up of existing deposit is not permitted. However, you can always open a new Premium Saver deposit.

Premium Saver deposit is available in AED only.

Premium Saver deposit is available for 18 months monthly contributions.

Minimum monthly deposit amount is AED 5,000.

You can apply through nearest CBD branch.

The Premium Saver deposit is a monthly recurring deposit that allows you to build up your savings by investing a pre - fixed amount starting from AED 5,000 every month through standing order, for a defined period of 18 months. With Premium Saver you will get attractive interest rate on your monthly deposits. In addition, you will also get a bonus at maturity. Your total returns, if you don't miss your monthly contributions, can reach approximately 2.59% on average balance over 18 months (T&Cs apply).


In case the customer prematurely liquidates their time deposit, they will not be eligible for any interest pay out. For complete product details and warnings, please refer to the Key Facts Statement document.

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