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CBD is UAE’s best banking app
CBD has won prestigious awards as a testament and recognition of its excellent digital banking experience.
Best mobile app
2018 - Ethos integrated solutions
Most innovative digital bank
2018 - International Finance
Best digital bank
2018 - Banker Middle East
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We’re here to help. Browse below a few questions about the CBD app.
Open a new account or card
Questions/answers for the newcommers
What is the minimum salary requirement to open an account?
You can open a CBD current account if your total monthly income is above AED 5,000 per month.
What’s the age requirement to open become a CBD customer?
18 years old
Login to my CBD account
Trouble logging-in to your account?
How do I login to my account for the first time with the app?
All the information you need to register are here: - It’s very easy!
Can I use TouchID or FaceID on my iPhone?
Yes, the app is fully compatible with both TouchID and FaceID, making your login experience very fast.
Can I use my fingerprint sensor on my Android device?
Yes, the CBD app is compatible with Android fingerprint sensors.
What if I forgot my username and password?
No worries, this happens! Simply go to the login page in the app, select ‘Forgot my CBD login details’ and follow a few simple steps.
Wondering about security? We’ve got you covered!
Is the app secure?
We like to have fun and enjoy life at CBD, but security is something we take very seriously. We’ve taken every possible measure to ensure the safety of your personal and banking details, and we also advise you use a secure password (no birthdays, that’s for sure). To make things easier, you can also use your fingerprint (for iPhones and compatible Android phones) as well as Face ID (for iPhone X).
Why is the app asking for my card PIN?
From time to time the app will request your card PIN and send you a verification code by SMS to verify your identity. You can safely enter your PIN in the CBD app when required.