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Instant Remittances

With CBD Remit, you are at peace with the best service, competitive rates, and even free* transactions every month.

*Offered on select Accounts, please check details of your eligible free transactions in each of the country page links given below

  • Transfer by using CBD Mobile or Online Banking
  • Set up and schedule recurring transactions to beneficiary accounts for future payments
  • Free SMS alerts - stay informed with free SMS alerts on your mobile phone any time a transaction on your account takes place

Channels for Remittances

Online Banking

Registered for Online Banking? It's easy. All you need to do is: 

  • Login using your User ID and Password
  • Select Transfers
  • Select International Transfers
  • Fill in the beneficiary and transfer details
  • Confirm your transfer

Mobile Banking

Download the CBD Mobile Banking App from Apple Store or Google Play

appstoreLogo google-play appgallery

  • Use your existing Online Banking User ID and Password to login CBD Mobile Banking or register
  • Tap on > Pay > Transfers > New Payment
  • Select the account you want to transfer from and to
  • Fill beneficiary and transfer amount details
  • Confirm your transfer


For all local and international transfers, Correspondent Bank charges may apply. There will be no cooling off period for Foreign Exchange and Remittances. For complete product details and warnings, please refer to the Key Facts Statement.