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  • High loan amounts for UAE nationals and residents
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Flexible repayment period up to 48 months
  • Current account with minimum balance requirement waived
  • Top-up of existing CBD Personal Loan
  • Buy-out or transfer of Personal Loan from other banks (with or without topping up the loan amount)
  • Free Debit Card for purchases and withdrawals
  • Deferment facility.
*Interest rates are subject to individual profile and CBD credit analysis

  • If you are UAE National aged between 21 and 65 years (at the loan maturity) or if you are an Expatriate aged between 21 and 60 years (at the loan maturity).
  • If you are confirmed employee or with six months minimum length of service with a CBD approved employer.
  • If your total monthly income/salary is starting from AED 8,000*.

    *Terms & Conditions Apply

  • Application form and loan agreement
  • National ID, valid passport, residence visa and Emirates ID
  • Original 3 months bank statement for new customers
  • Salary transfer letter


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It is a letter that your employer will issue addressed to CBD. STL is a commitment by your employer to CBD that your salary will continue to be credited in your designated account with CBD till the time you have fully re-paid the CBD Personal Loan. The letter will also include other terms as agreed between your employer and CBD. This letter must be prepared on your employer’s letter head, in a format that is approved by CBD and shall be duly signed by authorised signatories as designated by your employers and as notified to CBD.
Subject to approval by CBD, it is possible to include your employer into CBD approved list of employers. Please contact our call centre 600 575 556 to arrange for a visit of our Personal Loan advisor who will guide you on this.
If your employer is a CBD approved employer and if you are currently a confirmed employee, you can avail a CBD Personal Loan.

Yes, if you are eligible as per Central Bank’s stipulated guidelines and as per CBD internal credit policy, CBD can buy out your existing loan from the other Bank. Not only that, if your eligibility permits, we can top up your loan as well. In this situation, you may want to note the following select terms:

Subject to approval of your CBD loan application, your total applied loan amount (outstanding with other bank as well as top-up amount) will be booked to your loan account. CBD will issue manager’s cheque for settling outstanding amount with the other bank and top up amount will be credited to customer’s account, a hold may be placed on such amount. The hold placed on the top-up amount will not allow customer to use this money till the time customer will submit to CBD, all required documents or till complying with any conditions stipulated by CBD.

It is important to note that even though top-up amount is kept under hold, interest is charged on the total amount including top-up amount that is kept on hold as explained above.

Also the monthly installment will be calculated basis the total approved/disbursed loan amount with agreed interest charged thereof. Any applicable charges and dues will also be calculated on the total approved / disbursed loan amount including top-up amount that is kept on hold and not accessible by the customer as explained above.

Therefore it is recommended by CBD to all customers availing buyout plus top-up Personal loans from CBD, to submit all required documents without any delay, preferably soon after loan is disbursed, in order to allow CBD to remove hold on top-up amount and for customers to enjoy access to top-up loan amount.

Subject to approval of your CBD loan application, if you already have an existing CBD Personal Loan, and if your eligibility permits to borrow more loan amount, CBD will top-up your existing loan as per eligibility.
Maximum permissible DBR is 50%, as stipulated by the Central Bank and 30% for pensioners. Debt burden ratio is the ratio of total monthly installment/commitments of credit card, loans or any other committed monthly repayments to the total income of an individual.
48 Months, as stipulated by the Central Bank and 60 months for pensioners from Armed forces.
Maximum loan amount is 20 multiples of your monthly salary or up to AED 2.5 million for UAE Nationals, up to AED 1.5 million for Armed forces, up to AED 1 million for pensioners and up to AED 750 thousands for UAE expats residents, whichever is lower (employer to be listed to avail these amounts). Please contact our call centre 600 575 556 for exact loan amount eligibility which depends on terms stipulated by the Central Bank as well as on the Bank’s internal credit policy.
The minimum age requirements is 21 years and maximum age is 65 years at the last installment due date for UAE nationals and 60 years for expats.
Yes. For a Personal Loan it is mandatory that your monthly salary is transferred to your account with CBD.

CBD offers all types of salary transfer Personal Loans as listed below:

  • New Personal Loan
  • Top-up of existing Personal Loan
  • Buy-out / transfer of Personal Loan from other Bank (with or without topping up the loan amount)
CBD Personal Loan is a loan granted to salaried individuals whose salaries are credited to CBD. The maximum amount is 20 times the salary (15 times the salary for Armed Forces Staff). The loan is intended for personal use and to be repaid by deductions from the borrower’s salary.


Product details given above are for the initial reference purpose only. Approval of any loan or facility will be at a sole discretion of CBD. Personal Loans are subject to Terms and Conditions as stipulated by CBD and the regulatory authorities in the UAE.
Please contact our call centre 600 575 556 for checking your eligibility for CBD Personal Loan and detailed Personal Loan terms as product availability depends on terms stipulated by the Central Bank as well as on the Bank’s internal credit policy.
Please carefully read all terms and conditions on CBD Personal Loan application form and also on Personal Loan agreement (both to be signed by you) as well as CBD General Terms and Conditions for avoiding any disappointments. You may also consult our Personal Loan Executives/Advisors as well as our representatives in branches or call centre for details or explanations, if required.


If you do not meet the repayments/payments on your credit card/loan/financing, your account will go into arrears. This may affect your credit rating, which may limit your ability to access financing in the future. For complete product details and warnings, please refer to the Key Facts Statement.

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