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iTrade - iBusiness User Management
iTrade - Dashboard
iTrade - Letter of Credit
iTrade - Outward Guarantee
iTrade - Import Collection
iTrade - Export Collection
iTrade - Financing Request
iTrade - Shipping Guarantee
iTrade - Inward Guarantee
How to Apply for WPS Registration
Addition/Deletion of services within Transaction Package
Entitlement error for a transaction
How to Change Rateb Custodian Details
How to Unlock the Admin token
How to Unlock Users
How to Activate RATEB Card
Linking Additional Account
How to apply for Cheque Book through iBusiness
How to Create User ID with Soft Token
Abu Dhabi Pension Benefits and Retirement Fund
External Salary
WPS Salary
Internal CBD Salary (For CBD Accounts only)
iBusiness - E-Forms User Guide
iBusiness User Guide – Trade Finance modules
American Express Card Payments
Immediate Payment Instructions (IPI) FAQ's
How to apply for eDirham card using your bank account
How to apply for an eDirham card using your credit card
How to top-up your eDirham card using your bank account
How to top-up your eDirham card using your credit card
External payroll guide
How to check status of a request
How to check WPS rejection reason
How to enquire account details
How to transfer funds ( Internal/Domestic/international)
How to add beneficiary
How to create or modify authorization rules
How to apply for new rateb card
How to create hard token User ID
How to update trade license and check status
How to modify user permission
Stop or Amend or Recall Remittance
WPS transfer
WPS common rejection reasons
How to Change your package from Inquiry to Transaction view

iBusiness Demo Videos:

iBusiness – What’s in it?
How to Update your TRN
How to pay Salaries
Pay your Bills Online
Request for Tokens Online

Supply Chain Finance:

Logging in for the First Time
Completing Registration Process
Adding Bank Account Details
Requesting to Sell Receivables
Adding a New User
Uploading Invoice Ledger Files
Checking the Suppliers Onboarding Status

Fees and Charges:


Treasury and Cash Management Best Practice Handbook: