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DCM and Syndications

Banking on experience and field expertise, we work hard to bring you a full range of wholesale banking solutions and execute all deals seamlessly

We are known for providing superior customer service across all of our product offerings. The Debt Market team combines debt advisory services with debt capital market and loan syndication capabilities to provide a full range of wholesale banking solutions. Our Debt Capital Market (DCM) and Syndication team provides seamless deal execution with extensive product and deal credentials as book runners and lead managers, enabling you to leverage on our well-established relationships with regional debt investors.

We offer a full range of financial advisory and debt market solutions, including:

  • Bonds and Sukuk
  • Syndicated loans and club loans
  • Islamic finance (including Murabaha and Ijara financing)
  • Bridge financing
  • Refinancing solutions
  • Financial advisory: debt restructuring and capital structure
  • Acquisition finance
  • Asset finance/Non-recourse financing
  • Project finance
  • Risk management: SWAPS and customised interest rate solutions

Our debt origination and distribution services span across bond and loan markets as our Sales Teams have direct relationships with regional and global financial institutions to distribute multi-lender credit facilities. We also have access to a deep and geographically diverse pool of bond and loan investors in and outside of the region, which is key to planning a suitable funding strategy for our clients.

Our debt advisory services combine in-house structuring expertise together with CBD’s balance sheet capability to offer total solutions such as:

Debt Origination

Our debt product specialists work closely with coverage bankers and client relationship managers to develop and implement tailored solutions to specific financial requirements of our clients in both conventional and Islamic finance markets.

Financial Advisory

The DCM and Syndication team provides advice on suitable capital structures designed to address the borrower’s specific funding needs and overall financial strategy. Our advisory services encompass debt restructuring, refinancing, and interest rate solutions.

Structuring and Arranging

Our team provides advice on specific transaction and deal structures that consider the latest market conditions and the client’s diversification objectives to optimise financing costs. CBD arranges best effort and underwritten deals, depending upon the market dynamics and our client’s requirements.

Take and Hold Positions

CBD is an active player in the bond and loan markets in the UAE and GCC region. Our Corporate Banking book can promote principal hold positions to support and enhance the success of CBD’s arranged deals.

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