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Foreign Exchange

At CBD, we help you manage your foreign exchange risks and opportunities.

Our foreign exchange team aids institutional, corporate, and commercial clients manage risk and opportunities associated with volatile foreign exchange markets.

Foreign exchange exposure can come in many forms, but nevertheless there is a growing number of products to help clients manage this exposure, including two basic products:

  • Spot Contracts
  • Forward Exchange Contracts

Our treasury sales team offers clients various products to hedge currency exposures, such as:

  • Options
  • Forwards
  • Flexi-forwards
  • Participating Forwards
  • TARFs, and others

Electronic Trading (e-FX)

Currently, CBD is developing an e-trading platform for corporate, commercial, and private client hedgers and traders. Under this platform, clients will be able to log in with a unique user ID and trade usual currency requirements instantly any time, any day (excluding Saturdays and Sundays for non-GCC currencies). Precious metals will also be available and trades can be transacted instantly for spot, forward, or time option forward FX deals.

How can we help?

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Emergency Services will continue to be provided 24x7

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