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Ensure the best returns for your investments via high-yield dual currency deposits.

High-Yield Dual Currency Deposits provide opportunities for higher return rates versus traditional time deposits because clients grant the bank right (but not the obligation) to repay the deposit at maturity in a specified alternative currency, and at an exchange rate determined at the time the deposit is made.

The extra interest differential acts as a partial buffer against depreciation of the deposit currency versus the designated currency. Alternatively, if the deposit currency appreciates in value versus the designated currency and you are repaid in the alternative currency, you benefit from the exchange rate’s upward movement up to the fixed conversion rate.

These deposits are particularly suitable for clients who intend to convert the base currency into another currency at an exchange rate chosen at the maturity of the deposit.

For a minimum placement period of one month, High-Yield Dual Currency Deposits are available for a minimum of $250,000, or the equivalent in all of the major currencies.

Wakala Investment Deposit - Islamic

Avail CBD Al Islamic Investment Deposit Account and enjoy competitive profit rates, with different tenure options that cater to you!

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