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Store Value Account (CBD Wallet Account)

CBD Wallet is a virtual bank account that exists online and is designed and developed to facilitate payments for government and non-government online services securely.

Features and Benefits:

  • No minimum balance requirement
  • Available for single and multi-users, with a multi-user management control facility
  • Includes a full accounting overview with a daily settlement facility
  • Secure and hassle free process
  • Complete reporting facility

Top-up Options:

  • Online Banking, Mobile Banking & iBusiness

How to Get Started:


If you are a company:
You can register through any CBD branch or CBD counter in various Immigration offices. Otherwise, you can start registration by clicking here and visit the branch to complete the process.

  • Visit CBD branch or CBD counter to complete the registration form with the company stamp and authorized signature.
  • Authorized Signatory needs to bring the following to complete the registration: