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Ensure that fund imports for your business needs are undertaken securely and under the best standards

Import Letters of Credit

Benefit from a secure method of payment that gives assurance to suppliers and helps buyers keep control of terms and conditions through documentary evidence.

Get the advantage of cash flow using CBD’s Letter of Credit (LC) and leverage our position as an institution acknowledged by top rating agencies.

Handled by a dedicated team of professionals, Import Letters of Credit may also be availed via CBD’s highly secured Online Banking, ‘iBusiness’.

We also offer and specialise in:

  • Back-to-Back LCs
  • Revolving LCs
  • Freight LCs and Usance LCs with mixed payment options
  • Trust Receipts (TR) loan facilities for import payment settlements
  • Standby LCs, which provide financial cover to payment commitments and that are well-accepted financial guarantee for payment obligations and facility arrangements

Import Collections (DA/DP)

We take utmost care to advise and complete Inward Bills for collections as per international standards guided by ICC rules, while Loan against Collection Documents (LCD) facilities may be arranged to settle payments.

A diverse network of local branches, international correspondents, and efficient delivery channels enables us to handle transactions with a fast turnaround time.

Open Account TR

CBD’s open account TR provides import finance to buyers on open account terms without the need for traditional payment methods such as LCs and Documentary Collections.

Open account import financing facilities offer direct payment to suppliers in pre- or post-shipment deal stages.

Avalisation of Bill of Exchange/Promissory Notes

This product helps our clients strike attractive deals by capitalising on CBD’s capability of unconditional guarantee to pay the bill on due date.

This also enables suppliers to discount avalised bills at attractive rates when CBD has committed to pay on maturity date.

Shipping Guarantees and Delivery Orders

Our shipping guarantees or delivery orders cater especially to clients whose consignments arrive before shipping documents are made available, and when goods must be released immediately.

This product can help avoid demurrage and aid with timely goods delivery while boosting receiving sales proceeds.

How can we help?

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