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Financial Literacy

Transparency, trust and mutual respect

As a member of the UAE Banking Federation, we in CBD believe in adhering to high banking standards and making the effort to create a banking experience built on transparency, trust, and mutual respect. We believe in providing products and services that are easy to understand and help clients fulfil their needs.

We are committed to providing total transparency and convenience to our clients. Among the host of outstanding features that CBD has added to its online banking platform is the personal financial management tool ‘Budget and Track’.  ‘Budget and Track’ gives the Bank’s clients the complete freedom and ability to monitor their spending habits and set their life goals – like saving for a new car or planning a vacation.

CBD’s ‘Budget and Track’ helps them analyse their spending patterns, putting them in total control of their finances and enabling them to make smarter financial choices - thereby helping them achieve long-term financial goals. The tool gives complete visibility of spending, income and budget through various graphs and reports. It can advise clients if they are spending too much relative to their income, as well as how they are spending and saving compared to other clients earning a similar income. With online dashboard, clients can closely monitor overspending, and get on track toward their financial goals. Timely notifications and alerts can be personalised, reminding the clients of various financial events. If you want to get access to the ‘Budget and Track’ demo area, please click here.

Apart from ‘Budget and Track’, we believe in improving the general understanding of banking products and services at an early age. Thus, we regularly provide financial training programs geared toward university students in order to build their competencies and knowledge in financial literacy.

As a participant of the first UAE Innovation week, we have created Financial Literacy money management game for our youngest clients that provides them with the basic understanding of financial concepts.