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CBD Investments

At CBD Investment, we aim to build a lasting partnership with you by exceeding your expectations for investment  performance and service. We aspire to be recognized as the UAE's leading investment manager with a reputation for performance, client service and integrity. 

Our core emphasis is on risk management, stability of principle and generating regular income.     


Investment Advisory

A dedicated Investment Advisor will work with you to create a customized solution based on your  specific liquidity management and investment objectives taking into consideration various factors like time horizon, cash-flow requirements, special preferences and circumstances while also considering the current and anticipated economic climate. Post investment, your Investment Advisor will provide regular product and market updates to you.

Investment Offering

CBD offers a range of solutions that can help you manage wealth for short-term or long-term objectives. These solutions are:

Real Economy Investments

Recognizing that the primary investment objective of our clients is stability of principal invested and regular income generation, we have created a unique set of solutions that invest in the real economy. These asset-backed solutions offer predictable returns with minimum correlation to global capital markets.  Real economy investments include:

  • International Real Estate transactions targeting regular income and a possibility of price appreciation due to carefully planned value-add strategies in assets like retirement home, hospitality and logistics
  • Funds investing in Senior Secured Loans offering regular income and high anticipated returns by maturity
  • Stable income solutions like global Trade Finance Fund and Long Income Freehold Fund generating regular income with periodic liquidity.

Financial Economy Investments

For capturing performance from the financial markets, CBD offers risk-profiling based portfolios investing in the fixed income market. We offer efficient execution and custody services for:

  • Local, regional and international bonds and sukuks
  • Leverage on bonds and sukuks
  • Execution in international equity markets

Please contact your Relationship Manager for setting up a meeting with an Investment Advisor

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