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Liquidity Management

Structure your accounts to gain cash flow efficiencies

CBD’s notional pooling, sweeping facilities and inter-company loans monitoring services gives you the tools to optimize the liquidity position across your organization. With our Liquidity Management Solutions, you can earn interest on your surplus cash flow, move your funds where they’re needed the most, gain better oversight and control over your liquidity position.


Optimize cash flow across multiple companies and accounts with Sweeping. With our Sweeping service you can setup various and complex rules to ensure that your funds are where they are needed the most. Our system supports zero balancing, target balancing, reverse sweeping, percentage sweeping and other sweeping rules.

Notional Pooling

Enhance your liquidity position across companies and accounts with Notional Pooling. Our Notional Pooling service allows you to gain and optimize interest from any excess funds in your organization’s accounts without physically moving the funds.

Inter-Company Loans

Monitor the movement of funds between different companies in your organization through our Inter-Company Loans (ICL). With ICL, you can more easily track and report funds moving different group companies, setup rules to manage the exposure of the different entities against each other as well as configure detailed parameters to control tenor, settlements and other processes.

Click here to view and download the LMS forms and brochures.

Overdraft Protection

Ensure that your transactions are always funded by setting up Overdraft Protection on any account. With OD Protection, you can configure any number of current or savings accounts to fund transactions being performed in a payment account. If the payment account does not have sufficient balance, our systems will automatically check the funding account(s) in order to process a transaction. This helps to ensure that your transactions are always processed on-time and helps avoid overdrafts in your account.

Standing Orders

You can setup standing orders in your account to regularly transfer funds to other accounts within CBD or to other banks.

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