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Trade Finance

Secure your funds and enjoy a wide array of services from the region’s leading trade finance experts

A wide resource and knowledge network

CBD’s strategically located branches, thorough understanding of the local environment, expertise in trade facilities structuring, wide network of foreign correspondents, and use of latest technology make us a leading provider of trade finance and services in the UAE, and a formidable, top-rated trade financier.

Trade sales

We operate on a client service model approach, with expertise from dedicated industry- and sector-specific trade sales managers, in addition to relationship managers who provide tailor-made products in a timely, efficient, and risk-averse manner.

Focusing on professional advisory and solutions, our experienced trade sales team enables clients to efficiently trade locally or globally, with the advantages of:

  • Risk controls and more efficient supply chain operations
  • More visible trade flows
  • Cost-effective methods of funding cash flows and working capital

Services Offered

How can we help?

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