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From the simplest to the most sophisticated needs, we provide products that suit your exports business

Export Letters of Credit

CBD has a range of products to support your export needs. Our Trade Service Centre handles LC Advising, Transferable LCs, Adding Confirmation, Document Checking, Negotiation, Assignment of Proceeds, among others, with experts providing guidance in document preparation.

CBD expert advice can be given on your Export Letter of Credit and it may also support import transactions, thanks to our holistic approach to trade deals.

Export Collections

With our UAE-wide branch network and relations with reliable international banking channels, CBD has the advantage of a large number of local and international export collection locations.

Export Bills Discounting

Export bills collections, whether at bank or client risk, are discounted at attractive rates—subject to internal approvals—with or without recourse basis.

Loans against Invoice

We finance post-sales invoices after assessment to purchase or discount the bills.

Tasdeer (Export Finance)

We provide a flexible suite of end-to-end financing to support sellers by facilitating immediate financing needs through Pre-shipment Finance, subsequently by Post-shipment Finance and linked to Acceptance Discounting.

How can we help?

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