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Streamlined, fast, efficient, and direct access to CBD’s full suite of Payments & Cash Management services

We strive to give you direct and instant access to your banking information and services to provide you the flexibility and control your business needs for its day-to-day operations.


iBusiness is CBD’s state-of-the-art one-stop corporate online banking platform where you can access your accounts and services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, anywhere around the globe. With iBusiness, you can access real-time account balances and statements as well as the full suite of payments services such as transfers, domestic & international payments, bill payments, WPS salary and non-WPS salary.

iBusiness is also a unified platform to access all our Payables, Receivables and Liquidity Management Solutions such as:

  • iCollect - Remote Cheque Scanning
  • iDirect - Direct Debits Solution
  • Receivable Management - Receivables Reconciliation Mirror Accounts
  • iPrint - Electronic Cheque Printing
  • Liquidity Management - sweeping, pooling and inter-company loans

Click here to view and download the iBusiness forms and brochures.

iConnect API Banking and Host-to-Host Solution

iConnect provides a direct integration between your company’s ERP and CBD’s systems through Web API or SFTP to support large transaction volumes and heavy data traffic which enables centralized finance and treasury operations, shared service centers, payments factories and in-house banks to achieve high levels of efficiency. iConnect supports both full, pre-authorized H2H capability as well as Semi-H2H with authorisation through seamless inter-operability with iBusiness. The flexibility to accept multiple payment types in different file formats is an embedded feature of CBD’s iConnect service. Click here to view and download the iConnect forms and brochures.

MT940 Customer Statement Reporting

MT940/MT942 is a universal SWIFT statement format used by the Wholesale and Banking to reconcile their book of accounts electronically. CBD’s MT940/MT942 messages are structured to provide you adequate information for each type transaction and can be seamlessly integrated with your ERP. MT940 messages are available for download from iBusiness, transmitted directly to your ERP through iConnect or via SWIFT to an authorized BIC. Click here to download our MT940/MT942 Format Specifications document.

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