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History of Success

History of Success

The success story of Commercial Bank of Dubai over the past four decades in terms of development and prosperity has gone hand in hand with the development and prosperity of the United Arab Emirates itself.

Today, Commercial Bank of Dubai is extremely proud of its contribution towards the economic development of the UAE and Dubai in particular.

The Bank's establishment in 1969 coincided with a period when the emirate of Dubai was witnessing a rapid transformation into an increasingly important regional, latterly global, trade hub, under the wise leadership of the late His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed AI Maktoum, the founder of modern Dubai.

As one of the oldest local banks, Commercial Bank of Dubai plays an important role in financing the UAE's trade and development projects, a role which grew considerably following the establishment of the Federation of the United Arab Emirates in 1971. The Bank has since continued to finance infrastructural projects, promoting the development of trade, business, industry and services throughout the federation.

Commercial Bank of Dubai is committed to continue this contribution to the country's prosperity and provide support to both public and private sectors.

Today, we pride ourselves on the consistent loyalty of our customers, who have maintained close relations with the Bank over the past four decades despite increased competition in the market place.

We could not have achieved this without our determination to serve our customers to the highest standards, providing them with customised solutions to satisfy their specific needs and building strong relationships with them distinguished by our usual personal touch. We are also proud of the vital role we play in the country's economic prosperity. Starting with a 10-employee branch in 1969, we now have 15 branches and over 121 ATMs throughout the UAE, employing some 1469 staff.

Our priorities in the coming years are to increase our share in the local and regional markets and we are confident that our strong relations with our customers and partners will continue to give us a substantial competitive edge, allowing us to face future challenges and continue to register satisfactory growth rates in order to meet the expectations of our shareholders.