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Working Culture

Working Culture

CBD has always been proud to have our staff referred to as the CBD family. The cooperation and teamwork of our extraordinary staff has created the success which CBD enjoys today.

And it is not just us who says so!

CBD was the first in the region to achieve Social Accountability [SA 8000] certification from Det Norske Veritas (DNV), the certifying agency on behalf of Social Accountability International, New York, USA.

The recognition is significant as CBD is the first financial institution in the Middle East to achieve SA8000 certification. SA8000 is an international standard for improving working conditions. Based upon the principles of 13 international human right conventions, SA8000 is a tool that helps apply these norms to practical work-life situations. The benefits of adopting SA8000 are significant and include improved staff satisfaction, more reliable business partnerships, enhanced competitiveness, reduction in staff attrition and better internal communication between junior employees and senior management.

For CBD, social accountability goes hand in hand with social responsibility.

CBD has devoted many efforts and resources to serve our society and participate in its development. As a responsible corporate citizen, CBD gives back to society and the community by supporting humanitarian work and rendering continuous service to the people of the UAE. The Bank has always been actively involved in community relations and sponsoring social, educational, cultural and sports events directed at the welfare and development of the country. The Bank was one of the major supporters of the "Dubai Cares" campaign which aimed at supporting the children of the world, and is now very involved in helping to prevent diabetes in the region.