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Life Care

Plan Benefit
A unit linked Takaful plan with investment opportunity
Minimum Term5 years
Maximum Term20 years
Minimum Age at Entry
18 years
Maximum Age at Entry
64 years
Maximum Age at Maturity
99 years
Minimum Sum Assured AED 100,000
Maximum Sum Assured
AED 30 million
Maturity Benefit100% of fund value at maturity
Death Benefit (inclusive)Single life: Sum assured of the time of death or the value of units, whichever is greater.
Investment StrategyA choice to select from 38+ Sharia Compliant funds as per risk appetite.
 Inbuilt 'Passive War Risk'Yes (free of cost) - the death benefit will be paid on event of accidental death
of primary life as a result of war or war like operations should the war take place in country of residence or suddenly starts following travel outside country of residence.
 Full Surrender of Takaful CertificateAllowed after 2 years from commencement of Takaful Certificate. Depends upon
the term of Takaful Certificate. Surrender charges apply.
Partial WithdrawalFollowing the payment of two (2) years Regular Contribution the Participant
may in writing request a partial withdrawal from the PIA. The partial withdrawal
will be subject to such minimum and maximum amount as the Company may form
time to time determine

Partial withdrawals can be made on an ad-hoc or regular basis. Regular partial 
withdrawals may be taken monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly, provided the 
residual value of PIA is enough to pay the monthly Takaful Contributions to PRA
for at least twelve (12) months

The appropriate number of units equal to the value of the partial withdrawal amount
and any charges applicable are cancelled using the Bid Price of the units of the 
relevant Fund(s) at the valuation date immediately following receipt of the request.

Following a partial withdrawal the Company may at its discretion reduce the
Takaful Benefits and a Supplementary
Free Look Period21 days after issuance of Takaful certificate
Grace Period90 days from the last Contribution due date
Maximum Period for Takaful Certificate Reinstatement24 months from the first unpaid Contribution due date or lapsation
whichever is later
Contribution HolidayAfter the Takaful certificate has been in force for three Gregorian years the 
Participant may request in writing a Contribution Holiday for a maximum period of two years. The Contribution Holiday will be granted if the value 
the PIA is deemed, at the Company's discretion, to be sufficient to fund the 
payment of Takaful Contribution together with the fees and charges required
under this Takaful Certificate during the Contribution Holiday period. This 
option can be availed only twice during the term of this Takaful Certificate
provided the total cumulative Contribution Holiday period taken during the
term of this Takaful Certificate must not exceed three years.
 Scope of Cover Worldwide
 Minimum Contribution 500 AED per month

Other Benefits

Supplementary/Rider Benefit Description of Cover
Additional Level Term 
This is an additional protection above the sum covered amount.
ALT will be payable in case of death in addition to policy benefit
(sum assured or PIA value whichever is higher).
Accidental Death Benefit
This supplementary benefit provides additional cover on death resulting
from accident.
Permanent Total Disability 
(PTD), accelerated benefit
This benefit provides accelerated death benefit in case of total and 
permanent disability resulting from either accident or disease. The 
benefit shall paid in lump sum once the person covered is declared
PTD which  prevents him/her from being employed ever again.

This benefit is paid as part of the Death benefit in advance. Hence, after
payment of a PTD benefit the amount of the cover on death is reduced 
Permanent Total Disability 
(PTD), Additional Benefit
This benefit provides additional death benefit in case of total and 
permanent disability resulting from either accident or disease. The benefit
shall be paid in lump sum once the person covered is declared PTD which 
prevents him/her from being employed ever again.

This benefit is paid in addition to Death benefit. Hence, The benefit paid
under this Rider will not reduce the amount of Death benefit.
Waiver of Contribution
This benefit is designed to provide cover against permanent and total
disability, with the Plan Contributions being waived upon the Participant
becoming disabled. On approval of claim under this Rider, all other 
Supplementary Rider Benefits attached to the Takaful Certificate in respect
of the said Covered Member shall automatically cease.

Critical Illness (CI)This benefit is payable as a lump sum if a Participant/ covered member
suffers from one of the covered CI. The amount shall be based on the 
Takaful death benefit and can be at most 50% of the Death benefit. The 
CI benefit is paid as part of the Death benefit in advance. Hence, after
payment of a CI benefit the amount of the actual covered death benefit
is reduced accordingly.

 Medical ExpensesThis Rider provides reimbursement of medical expenses in case the
Participant or Covered Member shall sustain bodily injury as a result of an
accident and as a result of such injury the Participant or Covered Member
has incurred medical expenses. The medical expenses incurred up to the 
limit as set forth in the Takaful Certificate Schedule shall be paid, provided that such expenses shall be incurred within ninety (90) days from the date of 
accident. The benefit is paid upon receipt and approval of such proofs.
 Repatriation This Rider covers the cost of transporting the deceased to home country in case 
the Participant or Covered Member dies abroad. The benefit is paid in a fixed sum
as set forth in the Takaful Certificate Schedule or endorsement issued thereafter. 
This Rider covers expenses incurred for returning the deceased's body to the place of residence in his home country, including the cost of embalming, coffin
and and transportation of the deceased's body.

  • Only CBD customers with valid UAE/GCC visa are eligible to apply
  • The Takaful Certificate can be issued in the name of individuals only
  • The Contributions for the Life covered can be paid by a Third Party 
  • Completed and signed application form 
  • Signed Illustration 
  • Passport Copy with valid UAE/ GCC residency visa 
  • Copy of standing order from (for payments by Account Debit) and Credit Card Authorization form (for payments by credit cards)
  • Medical and/or Financial  Questionnaire (If applicable) 
  • Any other document as required by Noor Takaful (as applicable)

CBD Individual Customers:

  • With valid UAE/GCC nationality or residence visa

Discharge receipt will be issued by Noor Takaful within 30 working days post receipt of the valid documents under all non-early claims. Claim amount will be provided post receipt of the signed discharge form.

In case of death claim following documents are required:

  • Copy of Death Certificate (attested by UAE Embassy in the country where the Death has occurred as well as Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE)
  • Copy of Police Report (if necessary
  • Copy of Succession Certificate
  • Nominee Details
  • Death Claim Form and other documents as maybe required by the Company case to case basis.

* Noor Takaful may request for originals

To claim maturity we require:

  • Original Takaful Certificate Document
  • Passport Copy
  • Visa Copy

You can directly contact Noor Takaful PJSC in case a claim arises. The e-mail id is contact no is +971 8006667.

The cover is worldwide and continues subject to receipt of regular Contribution, if you are planning to leave UAE, you to inform us about your new destination with updated contact details.

The net asset value of all the units allocated to the PIA. The Cash Value at any point in time will be the sum of the value of units of each Fund allocated to the Takaful Certificate. The Cash value can be determined by multiplying the number of total units held by the prevalent Unit Price less the applicable Surrender Charges.

Partial encashment is possible after the 2nd year of the Takaful Certificate

You can add and change beneficiaries anytime during the Takaful Certificate term; however, in case of minor below 18 years age, guardian must be notified. The beneficiary can also be chosen as per “UAE Shariah Law”.

Reinstatement is allowed within 2 years from the first unpaid Contribution due date

Following riders are available for Takaful Certificate holder aged 18 years & above at additional cost 
  • Passive War Risk - (PWR) - In Built, no extra cost
  • Accidental death benefit ,
  • Additional Level Term Death,
  • Waiver of Contribution,
  • Perm. Total Disability (Acc.)
  • Perm. Total Disability (Add.)
  • Critical Illness Benefit
  • Medical Expense
  • Repatriation Expense

The grace period for making payment is 90 days from the Contribution due date.

Contributions up to 90 days

No Health Questionnaire required

After 90 days but within 180 days

Health Questionnaire

After 180 days

Health Questionnaire + Medical examination as per Underwriting guidelines

The Participant may withdraw the entire Cash Value by making a written request at any time before the Maturity Date of this Takaful Certificate. The Company will pay the Cash Value of the PIA. The Cash Value will be equal to the total number of units allocated to the PIA. The units are redeemed with reference to the Bid Price of the relevant Fund(s) at the next Valuation Date following the receipt of the request to Surrender. On receipt of such request this Takaful Certificate shall immediately cease. AED 100 will be  a surrender charge

The charges depend on the Contribution payment term that you selected for the plan:

Sum assured at the time of death or the value of units, whichever is higher is paid to the beneficiary.

Chose the payment method that suits you, you can pay it by Standing Order, Credit Card, Cheque & Third Party Payments allowed from Parents, Grand Parents, Spouse or Company.

You have an option to select the Limited Payment terms for 5 year or above or equal to Plan term.

  • Minimum Sum Assured is AED 100,000
  • Maximum Sum Assured is AED 30,000,000

Minimum Contribution for Noor Life Care is 500 AED per month

Minimum plan term is 5 years till you reach the age of 99 years.

Noor Life Care is available in both AED and USD.

With Noor Life Care you will get:

  • Wealth accumulation opportunities through investments in your choice of funds
  • An option of whole of life cover along with a number of additional benefits that can help protect against the financial impact of severe illness and accident
  • Flexibility to change the plan as your circumstances change
  • Contribution payments for a limited period, and life cover and investment opportunity that can be continued for an extended period of time.

On maturity of Noor Life Care you will receive Fund value.

You can make them monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly. /Ad-hoc Payments can be made at the time of commencement or any time later for an active Takaful Certificate.

To apply for Life Care you should be between 18 years to 64 years old at entry and not exceeding 99 years at the maturity of the plan.

To apply for Noor Life Care you should be:

  • CBD customer with valid UAE or GCC residence visa.

Noor Life Care is a unit linked plan that offers you savings, investment and protection all in one product. This product is designed not only to protect you and your savings during uncertain events, but also to ensure your peace of mind.


This Product is offered by Noor Takaful PJSC for CBD Clients and is subject to their approval. Terms and Conditions of the Takaful Certificate shall apply. The Takaful cover shall only start after the issuance of Takaful Certificate by Noor Takaful. Details presented are for your information only. CBD is neither responsible for, nor guarantees or warrants the quality, fitness for purpose, suitability of the Product / Covers being offered and does not accept any liability and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly to the client taking the Takaful or beneficiaries or any others.

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