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e-Initial Public Offerings

You can easily subscribe for IPOs by completing online application form in CBD Online Banking and paying the subscription amount by debiting your CBD current or savings account. Once your application has been successful, you will be notified after the date of allocation. In case the total size of subscriptions exceeded the number of shares offered, or application has been unsuccessful, you will be refunded for the excess or full amount back into your CBD account.

All you need is a valid National Investor Number (NIN) registered through Dubai Financial Market and active CBD online banking account.

Absolutely! You can apply in any of our branches. 

You will receive OTP (one time password) on your registered mobile number with CBD.

It is applicable only for IPOs through Dubai Financial Market. 

Yes, you can by entering their National Investor Number (NIN).

The maximum limit is AED 25 million. For applications above this amount, please contact your Relationship Manager or visit any of our branches.

You need to be registered for CBD Online Banking and you need to have National Investor Number (NIN) registered through Dubai Financial Market. 

For partially successful and wholly unsuccessful applications, the application money (or part thereof) will be credited back directly to your selected debited account within the days specified in the respective Prospectus/Offering Memorandum. 
The status of your application will be available in CBD online banking, under History.

No, once you submit the eIPO application, we will start processing it and you cannot amend or cancel your application.
The amount will only be debited from your chosen CBD account if the application has been successfully submitted and a reference number has been provided.
Yes, it is a round-the-clock service and you can submit your application online for the particular IPO anytime within the specified CBD IPO Services offering period.
With CBD eIPO Service, you can choose to debit the money from any of your  CBD current or savings accounts.

CBD eIPO Service allows you to invest in DFM IPO’s directly through CBD online banking. 

Over-subscribing to an IPO
In some cases, IPOs may be oversubscribed. The company may go through a balloting/allocation process to determine whether an investor will receive any shares and if so, in what quantity. An investor may be tempted to subscribe for a greater quantity than he intended to, believing that he will not receive the full amount in case of over-subscription. However if the IPO is not oversubscribed, the investor will receive all the quantity applied for and will have to pay the full cost.

Market risk
There is a risk that the company's share price will drop below its initial IPO price, once the company's shares trading (on the stock market or otherwise) commences. Shares prices will fluctuate over time.

Company risk
It is vital to understand the company and the business you are investing in. Thoroughly study the prospectus, financial reports and even seek professional advice before you make investment decisions.

IPO stands for Initial Public Offering. It is the first time a company issues securities/shares to investors. The newly issued securities/shares may be listed on a stock exchange. 

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