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With Online Banking, stay updated on your account information, make payments, inquire about your banking details and much more – all within a completely safe environment.

Access all your banking solutions from anywhere in the world. Our online banking experience is secure and fast.

On login, you are presented with a fresh, new look and feel, as well as improved navigation features. It’s a powerful update with enhanced features and services to make your banking experience easy and convenient.

Features and Benefits

  • Enjoy Direct Debit Service and conveniently pay your regular bills. Learn more
  • Open Esaver account instantly and gain high returns. Learn more
  • Manage your Accounts, Credit Cards and all their transactions.
  • Transfer funds in your preferred currency to your own Accounts, other CBD Accounts or as Remittance Transfers.
  • Make bill payments - Etisalat, Du, Water and Electricity and SALIK.
  • Set up your own beneficiaries or modify them.
  • Make requests and update your information.
  • Manage and redeem your Attijari Loyalty Points.
  • Pay your Zakat through CBD Online Banking. Learn more

Get Started

To start using CBD Online Banking, all you need is a CBD Current, Savings, Call, Fixed Deposit, Loan or Credit Card Account. If you’re a holder of any of these, please follow the below steps.

To Register Online:

  1. Go to CBD online banking and on login page click on "register now".
  2. Enter your full 10 digit account number or 16 digit Credit Card number, followed by the alphanumeric code which appears on the verifcation image.
  3. Continue by clicking the "Get security code" button to receive your security code via SMS on the mobile number registered with us.
  4. Create your user ID and password.
  5. Registration is completed.

First Time Login:

  1. Enter your user ID.
  2. Select a security image randomly appearing on this screen.
  3. Type a phrase which will be linked to your security image.
  4. Enter your CBD online banking password.
  5. Accept Terms & Conditions.




How do I login to CBD Online Banking?

It’s really simple! To login to CBD Online Banking click here.



SSL Encryption is active on the Web Server, which currently allows and supports 128-bit encryption. Your browser will display a lock or unbroken key, indicating that you have reached the secure area. For added security, UFCU will only support 128-bit SSL encryption.

To ensure that communication between customers and the CBD Online is completely confidential, there are a number of security features in place:

  • Robust firewall technology to prevent unauthorised access to the Bank's systems.
  • A security team constantly monitoring the system for suspicious activity and automatic alert generated if any abnormal activities are detected.
  • 128-bit data encryption in place to provide some of the best protection available to keep your password, account details and other sensitive information, including any messages sent via Secure Email, from being accessed by an unauthorised party.

A short time-out limit has been set. After this time, the system automatically logs off and ends your session. Please remember, if you’re not using your computer for a period of time, make sure you 'log off' from Internet Banking completely so that your banking information can’t be viewed by others.

Tips For Secure Online Banking

Always access CBD Online Banking by typing the correct URL ( into your browser. Never click on a link in an email to take you to a website or enter personal details either in the email or website.

Password And Pin Security
Always be suspicious of unsolicited emails or calls asking you to disclose any personal details or card numbers. Please remember that CBD would never directly ask you to disclose your pin or password information.

Pc Security
It’s important to use up-to-date antivirus software and a personal firewall. If your computer uses a Microsoft Windows operating system, make sure it’s updated via the Windows update feature - if you use a different PC operating system or an Apple Mac, please check regularly for updates. You should be especially vigilant on a public computer which may not have the necessary security measures in place.

Check Your Banking Session Is Secure
When undertaking any banking action on the internet, check that the session is secure. There are two simple indicators that will tell you if your session is secure - the first is the “Https//” in the URL and the other is the presence of a digital certificate represented by a padlock or key in the bottom right corner. Double clicking on this icon should provide you with information about the organisation with which you have entered in a secure session.

Always Completely Log Off From Your Internet Banking Session
It’s important to completely log off from your internet banking session; simply closing the window you were working in is not enough to close the banking session. If your computer is infected with a Trojan, your session may be hijacked by a criminal and financial transactions can be performed without your knowledge.