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Going on holiday

Planning a holiday is something we all look forward to. With the right destination set and financials ready, you’re good to go. We can help make your next trip memorable – from saving, to managing your spending, to choosing the right credit card.

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With the lowest interest rate in the market for credit card purchases, no annual fees, loyalty points, Skywards Miles, cash back and a host of added benefits, there's never been a better time to get CBD Credit Card.

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​Going on your dream vacation

Take the time to plan your trip so that every vacation is a memorable one for the entire family. The most important thing is that cost for your vacation will not impact saving for retirement or saving for your children’s education. While on holidays, make sure you have travel insurance. Also, it is best to travel with a backup credit card or two. And don’t forget to inform your bank in advance that you will using your credit card abroad.


​CBD Credit Cards

Explore different credit cards so you can choose the one that's right for you.

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​Credit Card Balance Transfer Calculator

See how much you can save by transferring your existing credit card balance to CBD Credit Card.

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