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Getting a new car

Once you have found the right car and looked into all the costs involved in buying it, you will know exactly how much you need to pay. You can either save with us or decide to finance it. CBD Car Loan enables you to get your car now and pay it off in instalments. 

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Get one step closer to owning your dream car with CBD Car Loan. Enjoy competitive interest rates with no hidden charges. You can avail finance for both new and used cars with flexible repayment periods.

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Buying a new car

Know what you can afford before you start car shopping. Crunch the numbers on the cars you are considering so you have a clear picture of how much they will cost overall. If you are open to buying either a new or used car, be sure you understand the pros and cons of each. Don't forget to consider the resale value of the car unless you are reasonably confident you will keep it for a very long time.


​Car Loan

The CBD Tamweel Car Loan will put you in the driving seat and behind the steering wheel in no time at all.

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​Budget and Track

Budget and Track gives you complete visibility of your spending and helps you reach your goals.

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