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Children's future

As a parent, you always dream of a brighter future for your children. This largely depends on providing them with the best education. A bit of planning ahead will help you manage your money and give your children a great start in life.

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EduCare - ​guaranteed maturity endowment plan to secure your child’s education. It gives you financial protection against any unforeseen event along with a savings plan. Monthly premiums start at only AED 250.

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​Planning your children's future

You want your children to have the best education possible, yet school and university expenses can be costly. If you plan ahead and start saving early, you will achieve the desired amount you need for your child's future, so the earlier you start, the easier it will be. Consider how much the tuition fees, living and other expenses might be. One way to do this is to work out how much it costs today, then factor in inflation, and start saving.



Save today for your child's tomorrow.​

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Guaranteed maturity endowment plan to secure your child’s education.

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