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Commercial Bank of Dubai

Etihad Offer

Monthly Salary Amt. (AED)Total Points Awarded
 < AED 5,000 NIL
 > AED 5000 up to AED 10,000 5,000
 > AED 10,000 10,000


Terms and Conditions:

Campaign Terms:

  • Etihad miles account should be provided to the bank latest by 05.02.2018
  • Minimum Incremental average balance growth during campaign period must be AED 20,000.
  • Starting point is actual balance as at end of Nov’17.
  • Average balance growth will be calculated as incremental Avg. bal. growth during Dec’17 + incremental Avg. bal. growth during Jan’18.
  • Monthly average balance is calculated based on end of the day closing balances for all days of a month divide by number of days in a calendar month.
  • Conventional and Islamic individual AED denominated Current and Saving Accounts balances (including accounts’ variants) are considered eligible.
  • CBD NOW Savings accounts are not eligible
  • This campaign can be withdrawn or stalled at any time at the sole discretion of the Bank
  • Etihad miles awarded under this promotions will have validity as stipulated by Etihad
  • Terms and conditions for redeeming /using these miles will apply as stipulated by the provider i.e. Etihad
  • Customers will receive rewards points during mid-Feb-2018


Terms for Salary Transfer:

  • Salary transfer account must be opened during campaign period (i.e. 01.12.2017 to 31.01.2018). Salary transfer on CBD NOW accounts are not eligible for this promotion, as they will enjoy a separate promotion benefits "Free Banking till 2020" for salary transfer.
  • First Salary must be credited to account latest by 28.02.2018
  • Minimum salary amount credited to account must be AED 5,000
  • Points will be credited by 15.03.2017
  • Salary transfer customers availing Personal Loans are not eligible
  • If minimum incremental average balance growth during campaign period is AED 20,000 and above, customers will be awarded for every AED 10,000 as per tiers mentioned above.