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CBD Visa Platinum Up to 5% Cashback Card

Features and Benefits


Financial Benefits:

  • No annual fees on primary card. Up to 5 free supplementary cards for your family members (age above 15 years)
  • Earn cashback on all your shopping done during a given month. Minimum calendar moth posted spend of AED 1,500 is required to start earning cashback. The cashback earned is calculated based on spend-tiers and is done as follows:
    • Step 1: All posted transactions in a calendar month will be summed up to calculate your monthly spends
    • Step 2: Monthly spends will be distributed amongst the predefined spend-tiers (as illustrated below)


Spend Tier (AED)         Cashback (%)      
0-5,000  0.55%
5,000 - 10,000  2.00%
10,000 - 15,000  3.00%
15,000+  5.00%

Illustration on Cashback calculation if your monthly retail spend is above AED 17,000

Spend Tier (AED)        Cashback % Spend distribution (AED)        Cashback earned (AED)      
0-5,000 0.55% 5,000 27
5,000 - 10,000 2.00% 5,000 100
10,000 - 15,000 3.00% 5,000 150
15,000+ 5.00% 2,000 100

Lifestyle Benefits:

  • 50% discount on 2 cinema tickets at Novo cinemas per calendar month. For more information:
    Click here. (To avail the benefit calendar month spends of AED 2,000 are required)
  • Shopping & Dining: Discounts across 500+ lifestyle offers through CBD mobile app.
  • Enjoy a variety of 2-for-1 offers when you download xperience with the ENTERTAINER app powered by Visa. Download Now
  • Complimentary Insurance: 'Purchase Protection' & 'Extended Warranty' offered by Visa.
  • For details and other Visa offers: Visit


  • Dedicated number for 24 hour client service through our Contact Center - 600 575 556.


  • CBD credit cards are equipped with Chip & Pin which gives you the convenience to make purchases, pay bills, and get cash in a secure way. Learn more
Pricing        Existing Samba Credit Card New CBD Credit Card      
Annual Fees Free for Life No change
Monthly Retail & Cash Interest 3.15% Effective 6 September 2023, Monthly Retail / Cash Interest shall be revised to 3.85% per month) 
Late Payment Fees* AED 199 No change
Over limit Fees* AED 199 No change
Cash Advance Fees* 3% or AED 99 higher of two No change
International Transaction fees 3.25% 2.75% (Effective 6 September 2023, Foreign Currency Transaction Fee shall be revised to 2.99%) 
Dynamic Currency Conversion 1.75% 2.75% (Effective 6 September 2023, Fee shall be revised to 2.99%)
Credit Shield* 0.69% of statement balance No change
Card Replacement Fees* AED 50  AED 50 
* Fees and charges mentioned in the table are exclusive of 5% (five percent) Value Added Tax (VAT) applicable. Other CBD Fee and Charges Click here

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