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Savings and Deposits
Saving Account-thumb

Savings Account

CBD Savings Account in any major currency of your choice to start enjoying attractive returns and peace of mind.

Savings and Deposits
Esaver Account-thumb


High returns with maximum flexibility.

Savings and Deposits
Time deposit-thumb

Time Deposit

Manage your savings or surplus funds the smarter way: enjoy fixed returns, competitive interest rates and a choice of terms.

Savings and Deposits
Step-up Elite-thumb

Step Up Elite

Earn up to 0.85% interest p.a. with our exclusive Step Up deposit for CBD Elite clients.

Savings and Deposits
Step-up Time Deposit-thumb

Step Up Time Deposit

We make planning for your future easy by providing fixed returns on your money.

Savings and Deposits
Bonus Booster Deposit-thumb

Bonus Booster Deposit

Build up your savings through regular monthly deposits starting from AED 1,000 with one of UAE’s most trusted institutions.

Savings and Deposits
Premium Saver Deposit-thumb

Premium Saver Deposit

Build up your savings, double your interest - and your bonus.

Savings and Deposits
Unit Time Deposit-thumb

Unit Time Deposit

Designed to offer you ultimate flexibility, you can divide your single deposit into units with one of UAE’s most trusted institutions.

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Transfer money from your CBD account wherever and whenever you need to, with competitive rates on overseas payments. 

Domestic Instant International
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