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1. How can I request a Cheque Book?
You can request a new cheque book through Online Banking in just a few clicks.
Click here to know how to request a cheque book via CBD Online Banking.
Click here to login to Online Banking.

2. Where can I find CBD ATM Machines?
You can use our Branch and ATM locator to locate your nearest ATM.

3. How do I update my KYC records?
You can update your KYC records with CBD by visiting our dedicated KYC portal:
Please note that all customers are requested to provide this information to avoid any interruption or suspension of their banking services.

4. How do I apply for a Liability Letter or a No Liability Letter?

A Liability Letter (LL) or a No Liability Letter (NLL) can be applied for by visiting a CBD Branch.

Please note that both letters are issued within seven working days for AED 63 (5% VAT inclusive).

5. How will the Etisalat Smiles points be credited?

The Bank will notify Etisalat to credit Smiles points, for eligible customers, to the registered UAE mobile number in the Bank’s records.
The mobile number will be automatically enrolled through Etisalat to earn Smiles and the customer will be notified
of enrolment and earning activities via email and/or SMS by Etisalat.

6. When will the Etisalat Smiles points be credited?

For all eligible transactions and balances, earned Smiles points for a given month will be processed by the 20th of the following month.

7. How can I check available Smiles points and redeem them?

Smiles points balance check and redemption can be done through Etisalat Smiles App.

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