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1. How can I apply for a CBD Account, Credit Card or Loans?
You can easily sign up for CBD products by clicking on the below:
- CBD Current Account
- CBD Credit Card
- CBD Loans

2. What is a CBD Digital Current Account?
CBD Digital Current Account is an account opened by a customer exclusively through CBD Mobile App, without visiting a branch/bank representative to open the account.

3. Is there a minimum balance to be maintained in the CBD Digital Current Account?
Yes, a monthly average balance of AED 5,000 is to be maintained in the account to avoid fall below fees.

4. When will the Digital Current Account be activated?
The CBD Digital Current Account will be instantly activated with transactions initially capped at AED 5,000 for inward credit and spends.
The account will be fully activated for all transactions without any restrictions after debit card delivery and subject to approvals.

5. What are the charges if the minimum monthly average balance is not maintained?
A fall below fee of AED 25 (excluding VAT) will be applied if the minimum monthly average balance is not maintained.

6. Can I open a CBD Digital Current Account if I also have an account in another bank?
Yes, other bank account customers can open a CBD Digital Current Account as well. However, existing CBD account customers are not eligible to open a CBD Digital Current Account.

7. Is the CBD Digital Current Account considered as a Savings Account?
No, The CBD Digital Current Account is a Current account. However, customers can also open a new Savings account once the Current account is successfully opened.

8. How do I receive a stamped original bank account statement and what are the charges?
Your bank account statements can be stamped and signed at any CBD branch.
A charge of 25 AED + VAT is applicable for each stamped statement.

9. How do I apply for bank account statements?
Your account statements are available in PDF format on both the CBD Online Banking platform and the CBD Mobile Banking application.


How to download the statements using the Mobile Banking application

  1.  Login to CBD Mobile Banking with your registered credential
  2.  Select your Account from the app menu
  3.  Select ‘Statement’
  4.  Select ‘eStatements’
  5.  Select the month and share the PDF format either to your email address or via WhatsApp

How to download the statements using Online Banking platform

  1.  Log in to Online Banking with your registered credentials
  2.  Select ‘Accounts’ from the overview page on the online portal
  3.  Select ‘Account number’
  4.  Select ‘Statements’
  5.  Select ‘ Month’ and ‘Year’
  6.  Select ‘Submit’ and download PDF

10. How do I apply for a statement that includes my IBAN details?
• You can find your IBAN printed on your monthly statemen
• To locate your IBAN on the CBD Mobile app, please click here

11. How do I apply for an IBAN letter?
You can get an IBAN letter at any CBD branch. There is no charge for this service.

12. How can I deposit cash into my account?
You can deposit cash using:
• Branch tellers

13. What is the limit for daily cash deposits through CBD ATMs?
Daily Cash deposit limits using CBD ATMs are as follows
• Direct Segment – AED 10,000
• Personal Segment – AED 40,000
• Business segment – AED 100,000
• Business Assets Finance Segment – AED 100,000
• Small Business – AED 100,000
Amounts higher in value than your ATM deposit limit can be deposited through our in-branch teller services.
Please visit for up-to-date branch locations and timings

14. What is the process for closing a CBD account?
You can visit your nearest CBD Branch and request to close the account. You are required to present your passport or Emirates ID.
Our branch team will advise you on the timelines after verifying your banking relationship.

15. How do I close my account while I am out of the country?
Should the account holder decide not to return to the UAE, he/she are required to first clear the available balance in the account,
and write to us at using the registered email address with the bank.
The account closure request will be actioned subject to approval.

16. How do I reactivate a dormant or a locked account?
To reactivate a dormant or a locked account, please visit our CBD branch. Please note you will need to provide
your original valid Emirates ID or passport. Upon validation of documents, the account will be activated in 2 working days.
In case of other requirements the Branch staff will advise further.

18. Can I open an account through CBD Mobile App even if I don’t have any CBD products?
Yes, all you need is your Emirates ID. Simply download the app, choose the account you want and sign up.
You will need to verify your Emirates ID and go through the security verification. But you can open an account in minutes.

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