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Data Feeds are available during Trading Business Hours from Sunday to Thursday, from 10:00AM - 2:00PM. Also, note that Data Feeds are not available during public holidays observed by the financial market.

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About CBD Financial Services

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Welcome to CBD Financial Services, a subsidiary of Commercial Bank of Dubai, which was established in 2005. CBD FS is the leading financial services that offer our clients all brokerage services they need to build a balanced and diversified portfolio in the both Dubai Financial Market and Abu Dhabi securities market.

We provide you the right tools to plan for some of life's biggest financial Indicators in fast, reliable and safe access through an easy online execution platform and mobile app at very competitive commission rates.

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Products and Services
Trade & manage your UAE stock markets portfolio in real time with our new CBD Financial services mobile app

At CBD FS, we offer our clients all products and services they need to build a balanced and diversified portfolio

Are you aware of the advantages you get by joining CBD FS?

  • Through innovative utilization of technology and other resources we are committed to:

  • provide you with the right tools to plan for some of life's biggest financial milestones

  • Enables you to set up personalized views with just the tools you need.

  • Fully customize your view to fit your own individual trading strategy.

  • Provide you with competitive commissions.

  • Margin Trading.

  • Mobile Application.

  • Online Platform.

  • Maintaining Trading Accounts for UAE Markets (DFM & ADX).

With CBD FS, you can invest in both the Dubai Financial Markets and Abu Dhabi Securities Market.

Whether you're looking for ways to capitalize on your cash, plan for your future, and view your accounts online - we offer a wide range of alternatives for

you to get the most out of your investments.

First class services. First class rates and First class support.

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Please select the forms which you need to download. In case you need more information please get in touch with us at

UAE Markets

Dubai Financial Markets (DFM)

Established as a public institution with an independent legal entity by virtue of Decree 14/2000 issued by the Government of Dubai, the DFM lanched its activities on 26th March 2000.

within a short period of time, the Dubai Finanical Market(DFM) has fast developed into a leading financial market across the region. its ongoing efforts and strategic initiatives have further reinforced Dubai as a centre of excellence in this part of the world and enhanced its leading postion as a powerful capital market hub which embraces international best practices to meet the evolving needs of its investors locally and internationally.

DFM operates as a secondary market for the trading of securities issued by public shareholding companies, bonds issued by federal or local governments, local public institutions and mutual funds as wel as other local or foreign DFM approved financial instruments.

The Dubai Financial Market(DFM) is governed and regulated by the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) which has the authority to impose laws and standards which the DFM must comply

Visit Website of Dubai Financial Market for more updates

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX)

Abu Dhabi securities Exchange (ADX) was established on 15th of November 2000 pursuant to the local law of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi No.3 of 2000. The Exchange is considered a local public institution that is subject to the local laws of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in addition to the supervision and control by the Securities and Commodities Authority.

Since its establishment, the Exchange has gone through various major developments in the legislative, regulatory and organizational fields. In the legislative field, the Exchange introduced several modern legislations using the best international practices and legal and technical expertise not least are those legislations related to trading, monitoring and governance, in addtion to keeping up with the legislations of the Securities and Commodities Authority using mechanisms that organize the application of these legislations such as those related to the market maker, the custody services, delivery versus sale...etc.

In the monitoring field, the Exchange has adopted modern electronic systems for monitoring, settlements and clearance, it also updated these systems to match those used in international exchanges such as Extreme and Smarts.

Regarding the organizational aspect of the work, Adu Dhabi Exchange sought assistance from the experts to carry out the organizational and technical tasks, and was able to raise a generation of national staff that was able to effectively assume the responsibility of all technical and organizational issues and provide attention to the training, qualification and awareness on a continuous basis within an advanced administrative environment. Furthermore, the Exchange carries out international activities on the level of Union of Arab Capital Markets, the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE) and the Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS) among others.

Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange has been classified under the Emerging Markets Index by Morgan Stanley MSCI in 2014.

Visit Website of Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange for more updates

SCA Investor Rights Guide


At present, we offer access only to the UAE markets (Dubai Financial Market and Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange).
If you have lost or forgotten your Password, please call on +971 4 212 1010 and one of our consultants will advise you.

As soon as your User ID and Password becomes effective, all you need to do to start the Attijari Tadawul service is to connect to the Internet and then do the following steps:

  • In address box type and press enter
  • Once you reach the page, enter your User ID and Password and Click Enter,
  • Then you will receive a token number through your registered mobile number
  • Enter the token number and then you are ready to access Attijari Tadawul. 
The password will be sent via SMS to the registered Mobile number once the online account is established
All you need is to maintain an account with CBD FS. To know more, please call 971 4 212 1010
All you need is to maintain an account with CBD FS. To know more, please call 971 4 212 1010

The safety of transactions on the Internet and mobile app depends on the encryption system used. The better this transaction system, the more difficult it is for any person to hack the site.

Internationally, the best system available today, is the 128-bit encryption, a system, is one of the few online share-trading sites in the country equipped with this 128-bit encryption.

Secondly, you too can ensure the safety of the transactions online. You normally get a secured user id and password, the secrecy of which is to be maintained entirely by you.

Thirdly, if the transaction system requires no manual intervention, you further improve the safety in the transactions. This enables the elimination of the possibility of any manual intervention. Which means orders are directly sent to the market ensuring that you get the best and right price.

Mobile App is an application from CBD financial service that enables you to trade and manage your UAE stock markets portfolio in real time from your phone any time.

Attijari Tadawul is trading online service from CBD financial service that enables you to conduct secure Trading on your Account fro the shears of DFM & ADSM security market. You can now access your accounts from the convenience of your home or office & even anywhere around the world through the Internet. Attijari Tadawul gives you real time access to your accounts information. It is an Internet-Based service that provides you a safe and convenient way to do your Trading. You can:

  • Real time trading
  • View your portfolio
  • View trading transactions
  • View statements.
  • View DFM and ADX market watch.

There are four options to trade with CBD Financial Services:

  1. By phone: Orders can be placed by calling the brokers thru the phone on +971 4 212 1017 or +971 4 2121 1022.
  2. Online: Orders can be placed Attijari Online by visiting our website
  3. Mobile App: Orders can be placed from your phone. 
  4. Walk-in in the branch: Orders can be placed after signing buy and sell slip.
Yes, you need to have either current or saving bank account with CBD that would be used for transferring funds to the trading account or withdrawal.
Trading number is a unique number given to you by the brokerage company to identify your account with them in DFM & ADX market.

The National Investor Number (NIN) is a unique number given to you as an investor. It identifies your account at the Clearing and Depository Settlement (CDS) with the market, which holds all investor shares.

A separate Investor no is needed for each Dubai Financial Market (DFM) and the Abu Dhabi Exchange (ADX).

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Hours of operation: 8am - 4pm

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