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Investments Solutions

Whether local or international, we provide various investment solutions that may be customised to suit your business needs

At CBD, we aim to build lasting partnerships by exceeding expectations for investment performance and services. We aspire to be the UAE’s leading investment manager with a reputation for performance, client service, and integrity as we live by the core philosophy of emphasising risk management versus merely chasing returns.

Asset Management

CBD offers various solutions to help you manage and deploy excess liquidity for your short-term and long-term objectives. Our offering is classified into two broad asset classes: Financial Economy Investments and Real Economy Investments.

  • Financial Economy Investments: For capturing performance from the financial markets, CBD offers risk-profiling based portfolios investing in global fixed income, equities and alternatives. These portfolios are advised by Morningstar Investment Management and offer true open-architecture and active management to generate high risk-adjusted returns. We also offer bespoke mandates on UAE and regional equities.


    • CBD Managed Portfolios
      • These are advised and powered by Morningstar, the world’s leading independent fund research firm. Our portfolios offer comprehensive investment solutions designed to match your individual risk appetite and return expectations. These “actively managed” portfolios invest your funds across countries, economies, and market sectors, spreading your investment across many different asset classes, giving you complete peace of mind.


    • CBD Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)
      • This plan offers a convenient, flexible, and professionally managed solution that will help you achieve your personal financial goals with confidence. Regular investing offers the benefit of “dollar cost averaging” and mitigates market uncertainties as your funds are invested in actively managed portfolios, advised and powered by Morningstar.


    • CBD Range of Funds
      • These offer stand-alone and actively managed funds investing in bonds, sukuks, and equities across regional and international markets.


    • Bespoke International Equity Portfolios
      • These portfolios offer facilities to sophisticated investors to participate in major global equity markets based on CBD research and regular monitoring.


  • Real Economy Investments: Recognising that the primary investment objective of our top clients is capital preservation and regular income generation, we have created a unique set of solutions that invest in the real economy. These include:


    • CBD Leasing Fund
      • This fund offers investors a low-risk, stable, and attractive returns by investing in operating leases entered into with US-domiciled investment grade lessees. CBD Leasing Fund aims to provide capital preservation and attractive regular income, and is a unique offering that has low correlation to equity and fixed-income markets.


    • CBD Trade Finance Fund
      • This fund is invested in a portfolio of global trade finance transactions and is well positioned for a rising interest rate environment in addition to having low correlation to equity and fixed-income markets.


    • Real Estate Opportunities
      • Real estate opportunities in income-generating properties in matured markets are carefully chosen and offered exclusively to select investors. These realty transactions have a 3-5-year investment term and asset income is secured via long-term lease agreements with high-quality tenants.


    • Local Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs)
      • These trusts offer regular income while benefiting from the upside of a growing realty market. CBD Investment Group is actively exploring REIT opportunities in domestic markets.


    • IPO Management
      • CBD has played an active role as a collecting bank for Initial Public Offerings in the local stock markets. We have established a direct link with the Dubai Financial Market for their eIPO offerings and can offer our clients access to IPOs, online or physically.

Investment Advisory

CBD investment offering relies on a client-centric, holistic advisory process. A dedicated Investment Advisor will work with you to create a customised solution based on your company’s specific investment objectives taking into consideration various factors like time horizon, cash-flow requirements, special preferences and circumstances while also considering the current and anticipated economic climate. Post investment, your Investment Advisor will provide you with regular product and market updates.

CBD Financial Services

CBDFS, a subsidiary of CBD, offers execution services on Dubai and Abu Dhabi stock markets. You can trade directly using our advanced online platform Attijari Tadawul or by calling a dedicated broker. We also provide investors regular research and market updates.

How can we help?

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