Treasury Services

Tailored treasury solutions

A range of treasury products and services that can be fine-tuned to meet your business requirements.

Tailored treasury solutions for your cash flow needs

At CBD, we offer customisable treasury products and services designed to meet your unique cash flow requirements. Our advisory-focused approach ensures we provide solutions that align with your specific needs, rather than offering generic, off-the-shelf options. We prioritise transparency, helping you understand the benefits and risks of our solutions. The enduring relationships we maintain with our clients are a testament to the trust and confidence they place in CBD.


Human Capital

Our team of treasury specialists have many years of experience in dealing on the financial markets, both locally and internationally. With their hands-on experience of various economic cycles, CBD’s specialists have the ability to analyse market data and refine it into usable information.


Our investment in world-class systems ensures that we have continuous access to relevant global financial data and the sophisticated tools to support the provision of the products and services that our clients require.

Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

Hedge your currency exposure

At CBD, we help you manage your foreign exchange risks and opportunities. Our foreign exchange team helps both individual and wholesale customers manage risk and opportunities associated with volatile foreign exchange markets. Foreign exchange exposure can come in many forms, and the are a number of products to help clients manage this exposure, ranging from basic spot and forward products, through to complex derivatives products. Whatever your requirement, CBD's treasury team will have a solution for you.


Ensure the best returns for your money via our range of deposits in both Islamic and conventional formats. CBD provides competitive rates across all deposit types, from overnight to fixed-term deposits.

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Interest Rate Hedging

Interest Rate Hedging

Tackle the impact of interest-rate volatility

Lock in the best rates for your business and go for a structure that can offset risks. CBD Treasury offers tailored Interest Rate Solutions for all major global and regional currencies, subject to relevant approvals.

Commodities Hedging

Providing hedging solutions against commodities

Commodity protection in core businesses is important for margin protection. Even if you are new to commodity hedging, CBD Treasury can tell you what hedging is and how it works, and what techniques companies can use according to their business requirements to stay protected against fluctuating commodities such as oil, gold, steel, sugar, and milk. As businesses need to protect themselves from the volatility, CBD Treasury sales experts are always ready to advise clients about the inherent commodity price risk in their businesses and provide appropriate hedging solutions.

Bonds and Sukuk

Bonds and Sukuk

Benefit from opportunities in the global fixed-income market

Invest in globally recognised bonds with attractive yields at competitive rates. CBD customers may buy and sell global fixed-income instruments either as Sharia’ah- compliant Sukuk or in a conventional interest bearing format. Subject to approval, more experienced customers may also leverage their yields, which may increase their returns significantly.

LIBOR Transition FAQs

The transition from LIBOR benchmarks to risk free replacements started in June 2023. These FAQ’s are designed to provide context and details about this transition, related to the transition of interest rate benchmarks, Should you require additional information, please click here


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