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Authorization Agreement For "CBD Payroll"

I authorize my employer to directly deposit my periodic salary/ compensation payments, not of all authorized deductions (a “Payroll Payment”) into my Card Account at Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) and to initiate (If necessary) debit entries and adjustments for any credit entries in error to my Account, I also authorize my Program Manager to collect the Card and Pin on my behalf. I understand that I may withdraw a portion or the entire amount of a Payroll Payment deposited by my employer from time to time in cash via an Automated Teller Machine (subject to certain withdrawal limits as discussed in the terms and Conditions), applicable point-of-sale (“POS”) terminals and wherever VISA cards are accepted.


By signing this application. I hereby authorize my employer to request CBD to issue a Payroll card to me. I agree that using my card shall constitute my agreement to: (I) the Terms and Conditions that accompany my card and (2) changes to, or replacements for, those Terms and Conditions that may be sent or made available to no front time to time. I also hereby authorize CBD to debit my CBD Card Account, without notifying me, for the fees described in the fee schedule that is part of this application. CBD has the right to change those fees at any time without notification to the CBD cardholder.