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We hereby agree and confirm that

The Applicant hereby authorizes the bank to debit the above mentioned account and disburse salaries to their employees through their payroll cards which are issued by the bank in accordance with this application form. The Applicant has attached their employees' individual Application Forms requesting the Bank to issue the Payroll Cards and authorizing the Bank to deposit the salaries directly in their Payroll Cards Account.

The Applicant agrees that they will maintain a sufficient balance in their account to disburse the salaries to their employees, Failing which will not hold the Bank liable for any delay in crediting salaries to their employees' card account. The Applicant Agrees that the total value of payroll to be disbursed per cycle will not exceed the value indicated above or an amended value will be notified to the bank in writing. The Applicant will provide salary details to the Bank through an electronically transmitted file in the format prescribed by the Bank.

The Bank will not be held liable if the amount stored in the Floppy diskette is different to the amount shown in the salary list provided to the Bank and has been credited to the employee's card account. The Applicant hereby undertakes that he will continue to pay the salaries through the Payroll Cards and will not discontinue transferring the salaries until they receive a clearance certificate issued by the Bank.

The Applicant is aware that the Bank may extend a credit limit on receipt of an application by the cardholder on the strength of this agreement. The Applicant will notify the Bank if the cardholder's employment ceases. The Applicant confirms that the cardholder's terminal benefits, after recovering the applicant dues, will be forwarded to the Bank in the event that the employee fails to repay the credit limit.

By signing this form, the Applicant(s) acknowledge that they have read and understood this declaration and consent on the above details contained in this Applicant Form are true and correct.