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Introducing Starter - our Zero balance account in the UAE for all startups and entrepreneurs.

Starter account offers reliable and rewarding banking products and services, well suited to our talented entrepreneurs, with a flat monthly service fee.


  • ZERO balance requirements
  • Complimentary Business Debit Card with higher daily cash withdrawal limits.
  • Suitable account package for new business starters / newly established businesses
  • Standard fee for banking transactions and digital platforms
  • Standard forex rates
  • Standard Trade Finance rates
  • Dedicated relationship managers
  • Dedicated SME Service Desks

Applicable for all type of newly established companies and start-ups in UAE

List of charges Requirements / Charges
Account Currency AED, USD, GBP, EURO, JPY, CNY
Minimum monthly average balance AED 0
Non-maintenance of Minimum Relationship Balance Charges  AED 0
Monthly Account Maintenance FeeAED 125
Standing Instructions  
Set up fee AED 50 Per Set up
Execution Charge AED 15 Per Transaction
Failure due to insufficient funds AED 100 Per Transaction
Amendment/ CancellationAED 20 
Remittances Incoming 
Local within UAE AED 1 
International RemittanceAED 20  /  USD 10  / EUR10
Local Remittances within UAE (Outgoing) Manual Electronic
Local Remittances - per transaction AED 75 AED 20
International Remittances Outside UAE (Outgoing) Manual Electronic
International Remittances - per transaction AED100AED 35
Transfer within Own Account AED 60
Transfer within CBD AccountAED60Free
Managers Cheques/Demand Draft
Managers Cheques - per cheque AED 20
Demand Drafts - per cheque AED 20
Cheque Book1st Cheque Book is Free, Additional is AED 50 Per Cheque Book
Inward clearing (payments made by clients) Free
Outward clearing chequesFree
Return cheques: Inward clearing (payments made by clients) AED 500 per cheque
Return cheques: Outward clearing Free
Cash Deposits
Cash deposit - over the counterAED 50 per transaction
Cash deposit - Cash Deposit MachineFree
Cash Withdrawal
Cash withdrawal - over the counter

AED 40 per transaction

Cash Cheque Withdrawal
Over the counter - Teller transactions

AED 40 per transaction

Payroll  Manual   Electronic
Rateb - One time set upAED 500 for companies less than 50 employees
AED 1,500 for companies with more than 50 employees
Rateb Card IssuanceAED 7 per card
Rateb Card – Cancellation AED 1 per card Free
Rateb - Payroll Processing WPSNAElectronic - AED  7 Per Card
AED 100 Per Month Per MOL ID
WPS MOL ID RegistrationAED 100 per month per MOL ID
WPS MOL ID – CancellationAED 500 per MOL ID
WPS Transfers to other banksAED 25 Per File
Non WPS transfers to other banksAED 50 Per Bank
Pension Payments
AED 100 Per File
Pension Payments – Processing Fee
AED 25 Per File
iBusiness – Online Banking  
iBusiness Online bankingFree
Monthly Service Charge - Enquiry/ Trnx.Free
Transaction Authorization (Hard Token)First 2 Tokens
Free Additional Tokens – AED 75 Per Token
Transaction Authorization (Soft Token)First 2 Tokens – Free 
Additional Tokens – AED 50 Per Token
Training SupportFirst Training Free, Additional Training  AED 250 per session
Miscellaneous Charge
Stop Payment of ChequeAED 100 Per Cheque
Stop Payment of Lost Cheque BookAED 500 Per Cheque
Duplicate Bank Statement Request (Through Branch)AED 250 Per Statement
Audit/ Balance Sheet Letter/ Reference LetterAED 250 Per Letter
SWIFT Copies of RemittancesAED  100 Per Message
Retrieval of Transaction RecordAED 50 – Per Transaction within 6 months,AED 100 – per transactions beyond 6 months

* Additional teller transactions will be charged once monthly quota limits are exceeded
** All fees and charges are applicable for 5% VAT


All fees and charges mentioned are subject to change from time to time at the sole discretion of Commercial Bank of Dubai without prior notification. Charges for services not indicated in this List of Fees and Charges are available on request. Additional expenses, e.g. postage, cable, courier, fax, legal fees, etc. will be charged for, where incurred.
  • National ID or valid passport with UAE residence visa and Emirates ID of all signing authorities and shareholders, if applicable
  • Valid legal and constitutive documents (i.e. Trade License, Certificate of Commercial Registration, Free Zone Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association, Partnership Agreement) as applicable
  • Power of Attorney or Board Resolution, if applicable
  • Proof of Address
  • Details of Ultimate Beneficial Owners
  • Bank Reference Letter and Company Profile, if applicable
  • No requirement for audited financial statements

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